Spring 2021 Recruitment:IMG_8965

Hello beautiful ladies! We are so happy you are interested in joining Sigma Phi Lambda. This spring, we will be prayerfully awaiting you with Psalm 8:3 on our hearts. We have two nights of fun recruitment activities planned for you. While we suggest coming to at least one night of recruitment, it is not mandatory! We hope you choose to join us this spring. Please reach out to us with any questions.

Recruitment Dates: January 27th & 28th

Recruitment Times: 7:00 – 7:45 PM

Interested in joining Phi Lamb? Fill out the following form!

 What is Sigma Phi Lambda?

Sigma Phi Lambda is a Christian sorority on campus whose focus is on Christ, unity, friendships, and loving one another with the fierce love of Jesus. Phi Lamb is where you will feel encouraged, cherished, and gain the best friends you will have your entire life.

You CHOOSE us, we don’t choose you. Thus, we would love to invite you to get to know us as we get to know you through events that will show you the heart of Phi Lamb:

Who? Any female MSU student interested in learning more about Sigma Phi Lambda.

What? An opportunity for you to get to see what we, as a sorority, are all about and meet active Phi Lamb sisters.

Where? Library Auditorium

When? September 9th & 10th, 7-7:45


Do I have to come to each night of recruitment?
Nope, but you are encouraged to come to at least one night. Each night is different so we would absolutely love to see you on as many nights as you can attend!

If I come to recruitment/attend an introduction, does that mean I have to join?
Not at all! This is just your opportunity to see if Phi Lamb is where YOU want to be! You choose us; we don’t choose you.

Who can come to recruitment?
Any female student currently enrolled at Mississippi State. All ages and denominations are welcome! Come join us!

If I pledged a Pan-Hellenic sorority am I eligible to join Phi Lamb?
Absolutely! If you are an active, inactive, or alumna of another sorority, you are still welcome to join Phi Lamb.

What are the membership requirements?

  1. She must be under the covering of or seeking a church home.
  2. She must be actively involved in a Bible study. Sorority meetings do not provide an adequate study of the scriptures necessary for Christian growth.
  3. She must pay semester dues to Sigma Phi Lambda.
  4. She must meet her point requirement for meetings and special events as outlined each semester in the Membership Attendance Agreement. The requirements will be based on the number of occurrences of the following meetings and special events.
  5. She must sign a liability waiver.

I’m interested and want to know more!
Feel free to contact our officer team at philamb.msstate@gmail.com or visit our Facebook event page!

Below is our Fall 2020 New Members!! 

We are so happy to welcome our new sisters into Phi Lamb as New Members! We cannot wait to see what all they accomplish this semester!